Bible Archaeology

The God-Man Rises

Bible Giants - Anakim & Rephaim

Genesis 14 - Chedorlaomer

Joseph, Pharaoh & the Famine

Cheif Jeush Son of Esau

Parting of the Red Sea

Moses Name in Egypt

The prophet Isaiah

Fall of Nineveh

Nathan Melech - Josiah's Servant

The prophet Daniel

Pharaoh Hophra

Tattenai & Shethar Boznai

Tongue Speaking Heretics

bible archeology

Our latest book, The God-Man Rises!, Volume 4 in our Bible Archaeology series is now available. With original research that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Pilates letter to Tiberius about the God-Man, Biblical giants, Chedorlaomer, Joseph, Easu, Moses and the Red sea parting, Isaiah, Daniel, Hophra, Tattenai, the fall of Ninevah and much more.

Bible Archaeology

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