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Come along on a journey back in time and watch the historical events of the Bible be proven before your very eyes. Evidences compiled from ancient history and archaeology reveal the accuracy of the Bible. Filled with Bible proofs. Click right arrow above for Volumes 2 & 3

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Bible Believer's Archaeology

The Search For Truth-Vol.2 More Bible Evidence

Seaking Truth? One of the first questions people have is. "Can I really trust the Bible? This book answers the question with proofs compiled from ancient history & archeology, bible evidence revealing it's accuracy. Click right arrow above for Volume 3

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Bible Believer's Archeology

Behold the Man ! Vol.3

Bible Proof

Ever hear people say that the Bible is just a bunch of made up stories? This book proves otherwise. Bible evidences are compiled from ancient history and archeology reveal the accuracy of Bible history. Click right arrow above for Volumes 1& 2


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What you will learn

Evidence for Jesus

His birth, miracles, prophecies, crucifixion, resurrection & many more.

New Testament Proofs

Volume 1 - John the Baptist, James, Herod Agrippa, Caiaphas & many more.

Old Testament Proofs

Volume 1 - .Moses & Pharaoh, Joshua, Balaam, King David, Daniel & many more.

New Testament Proof

Volume 2 - Pontius Pilate, Tiberius Caesar, Quirinius, King Herod & many more.

Old Testament Proof

Volume 2 - The Flood, Tower of Babel, Ark of the Covenant, Jeremiah & many more.

Bible Evidence

Volume 3 - Queen Esther, Mordecai, Sergius Paulus, The Exodus, The Boil plague & many more..

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Chapter 1

The first evidence for the life of Jesus, mentioned outside of the Bible, comes from a Jewish historian by the name of Josephus.

Josephus was born in 37 A.D., just a few years after the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was the son of a priest named Matthias and at the age of 19 he became a Pharisee in Jerusalem. Later in his life he was appointed a commander in Galilee during the Jewish revolt against Rome.

After surrendering to the Romans, he was taken before the Roman Commander Vespasian and prophesied that God had shown him in a dream that Vespasian and his son Titus would soon become Emperor's of Rome. Shortly afterwards the dream became reality and Josephus became a member of Vespasian's household.

During his stay in Rome he wrote two works dealing with Jewish history. In his work entitled Jewish Antiquities, which was written between 70 and 100 A.D., he mentions Jesus the Messiah.

Chapter 2

For many years, critics of those who believe the Bible to be 100% accurate, used a passage found in the Bible to point out an apparent historical error.

Luke 2:1-2 states: "And it came to pass in those days that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. This census first took place while Quirinius was govern ing Syria."

Since the Bible states that Jesus was born before the death of Herod, who died somewhere between 4 and 1 B.C., critics claimed that the Bible was in error, since history records Quirinius wasn't governor of Syria until around 6 A.D. or later.

But recently, confirmation that Quirinius was governing in Syria, around this time, has been found.

Chapter 3

Jesus Christ said: "I tell you the truth: among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist."

Even though John was a great prophet, he meets a tragic ending at the hand of Herod Antipas. The historian Josephus, gives us this account:

"Herod (Antipas) was caught up in a quarrel with the King of Petra, Aretas, whose daughter he had married and with whom he had lived with for some time. But once while he was staying in Rome with his half brother Herod (also known as Philip, the son of Herod the Great by Mariamme, the daughter of Simon the high priest), Antipas fell in love with his brother's wife Herodias, and he promised to marry her and divorce Aretas' daughter.

But Aretas' daughter uncovered Herod's plan, and asked Herod if she could leave to visit Machaerus. From there she fled to her father in Arabia, and told him what Herod was planning.

Chapter 4

An early mention of the miracles of Christ comes from Julian the Apostate (Roman Emperor from 361-363 A.D.) who was an enemy of Christ- ianity, he wrote:

"Jesus . . . has now been honored for about three hundred years; having done nothing throughout his lifetime that was worthy of fame, unless anyone thinks it a very great work to heal the lame and the blind and to cast out demons in the towns of Bethsaida and Bethany."

This statement shows that it was commonly accepted that Jesus performed miracles in the villages of Bethsaida and Bethany as recorded in the Bible.

Mark 8:22 states that Jesus healed a man who had been blind since birth in Bethsaida, and John 12:1 records that Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead in Bethany.

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Get your copy now! The Content of this book series cover over 15 years of research with information you would be hard pressed to find in any other book.

One of the best apolegetics books on Bible evidence for a Biblical defense.


Volumes 2 & 3 content overview

Jesus birth

Book 2 Chapter I

Evidence from early Christian history for Jesus Birth.


Book 2 Chapter II

More evidences for Cyrenius who took the Census at Jesus birth.

Jesus cleansing the temple

Book 2 Chapter III

The temple greed that led to the cleansing of the Temple.

pontius pilate

Book 2 Chapter IV

Pontius Pilate uncovered in the pages of Archeology.

we three kings

Book 3 Chapter I

Ancient records where the Messiah would come from.

christ's scourging

Book 3 Chapter II

Records of scourging, crucifixion and a release of a prisoner at Passover.

Sergius Paulus

Book 3 Chapter III

Sergius Paulus name found in archaeology.

alexander the great

Book 3 Chapter IV

History surrounding the Samaritan Temple referred to by Jesus.

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Emails from readers

Faith G.

Hello, my name is Faith. I am a born again Christian, 20 years old. I always hear people questioning the evidence and history of the Bible and its events, so I happened to look for a site where I could get this information. I came across yours and it was very helpful to me. It just gave me a new reassurance in my faith in God, and His son, Jesus. I just want to tell you that I enjoyed reading this. God Bless and keep you. Your sister in Christ, Faith.


Hi, I just read both the books. These are wonderful books that for believers give strength and for non believers provide the truth beyond doubt. The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Peace, Mark.

Gene B.

John, what you have done is so extremely important that I am lost for words to describe it. Why so, because how many times have you tried to witness to people and they say, "Ah you can't believe that stuff in the Bible - It's so old and out of date that its meaningless. Now more than at any other time in my life, and I'm 73 years old, when I get that kind of response I feel fully armed to welcome the challenge by giving them a copy of your book so that they can see and convict themselves as to how terribly wrong that they were and that we serve a living God - not just some ethereal whatever way out there somewhere. My wife is in Chicago taking care of some family business and will be back on Labor Day and I can't wait to hand your book to her. She's been on fire for the Lord anyway and she'll be jumping up and down waiting to share this with her ladies group where she volunteers. I'll have more for you later but wanted to let you know how excited about your book that I am. You've done a tremendous job. Praise the Lord. Gene B.

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The intent of this book series was to document and present the greatest bible proofs that prove the accuracy of the Bible.