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Bible Proof
Bible Believer's Archaeology - Bible Proof
Proof of the Bible

Our new book 'Bible Believer's Archaeology - Historical Evidence that Proves the Bible' is one of the best Bible Proofs book available. It has been used by Pastors, Bible Study Groups, Christian Schools, Home Schools, and Evangelistic Outreaches. Available in Printable PDF, Kindle and Paperback.

Biblical Evidence
Vol. 2 - The Search For Truth - Bible Proof
Proof for the Bible
The content in the Bible Believer's Archaeology Series cover over 15 years of research and contains information that you would be hard pressed to find in any other book. Over 70 topics from both the New and Old Testaments are covered. Available in Printable PDF, Kindle and Paperback formats.

Proof Bible is True
Vol. 3 - Behold the Man - Bible Evidence
Proof the Bible is true
The series covers proof for Jesus Christ. His birth, prophecies, miracles, crucifixion and resurrection, John the Baptist, James, Paul, and many others. Old Testament evidence for the Flood, the Tower of Babel, Ark of the Covenant, Moses, Joshua, and many more. Proof the Bible is true.
Biblical Proof
Slide Show Presentation - Biblical Proof
Bible Evidence

Our Picture Slide Show Presentation of the artifacts we mention in our 3 volume Bible Believer's Archaeology series. It includes over 190 slides. Great teaching resource for Sunday Schools, Christian Schools, Adult Bible Studies, and Youth Ministries.

Proof Bible is Real
Vol4 - The God-Man Rises - Bible Archeology
Bible Evidence

Book 4 of our series has amazing proof for the parting of the Red Sea, Moses name, Biblical giants, Chedorlaomer & the kings of Genesis 14, Joseph and the famine, the son of Esau, Isaiah, Daniel, pharoah Hophra, Tattenai & Shethar-Boznai of Ezra 5, and much more..

Christian Fiction
Christian Fairy Tales - Once Upon a Time
Christian Fairy Tales

Your favorite fairy tales rewritten from a Biblical perspective. These tales with alot of humor mixed in include; Little Red Riding Hood coming across a wolf in the pulpit, Chicken Little declares the rapture date, Horton hears a pooh pooh and is confronted by a group of animal rights activists, and many more.

Bible Study
What the Bible Says about Tongues
Speaking In Tongues

Over 1/4 of churches worldwide now practice speaking in tongues. Yet what is being practiced today is far different from the Biblical gift of tongues as found in the Bible. This book was written to expose the false doctrines surrounding speaking in tongues taught by Pentecostal and Charismatic pastors.


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A Biblical Archaeology review of Bible proof from Christian History and Biblical Archaeology. A Bible Evidence and Biblical proof Apologetics Book.

A Bible History Book filled with Bible Evidence and Proof for a Biblical Defense.